Aomi - Your personal Japanese speaking coach

The first Japanese pitch accent app designed to help you improve your Japanese pronunciation and vocabulary.

Aomi Japanese is aimed at all Japanese language learners whether they study Japanese language at the university, with a tutor or on their own.  The app is suitable for learners whose level of proficiency is above elementary (knowledge of the alphabet and basic grammar is necessary). 

Our trainings include words and phrases that native speakers use in their daily life, letting your brain learn and easily recall language patterns that level up your conversation game. The goal of this app is:

•   To train your articulation
•   To teach you the proper pronunciation
•   To enrich your speech with a variety of expressions used by native speakers in
everyday life
•   To make you understand how Japanese language sounds and be able to reproduce this sounding (and rhythm).

💙A special technology created by our developers will help you to train your intonation and pronunciation to let you sound more natural and comprehensible.

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