Speak Japanese like a native!

Practice your speaking skills with 3 simple steps:

  • Listen to the native speaker and look at their pronunciation with our technology.

  • Repeat after the native speaker, imitate their pronunciation.

  • Get instant feedback from our visualizing and analysis technology.


“Ready-to-use” Language patterns.

Have you ever felt that you have learned enough Japanese to be able to communicate, however you are not able to express your thoughts and emotions quickly?  

Memorize ready-to-use language patterns that are not available in traditional textbooks and that the native speakers use in their daily conversations!

No need to bury yourself in textbooks!

Practice and memorize easily with the spaced repetition method!

More gems of the Japanese Language

Onomatopoeia words
They are rarely found in other languages, but are very often used by the Japanese native speakers in everyday speech. Onomatopoeia words are the highlight of the Japanese language making it distinctive and unique.

They can quickly and precisely describe feelings and emotions; various sounds, shapes of objects and their textures. Onomatopoeic words might seem difficult to memorize, but don't worry! We have illustrated them to make the learning process fun and interesting!

Idioms and word collocations
With just a few words they help to describe a situation very clearly and succinctly and, at the same time, they contribute to a better understanding of Japanese culture as well as Japanese way of thinking.

Knowing and understanding such expressions shows a deep interest in the language and culture, which resonates in the soul of a native speaker.

More pros!

  • Slang

    Always know the newest and trendiest words and phrases currently in use!

  • Katakana Words

    Pronounce it accurately and clear!                      

  • Japanese Surnames

    Be polite by pronouncing them correctly!

  • Tongue Twisters

    Improve your articulation and increase your speaking speed!

  • Untranslatable Japanese Language

    Feel the unique Japanese culture and broaden your understanding through words and concepts that are difficult to translate into another language.

Illustrations to enhance learning

Some Japanese words might not have a good equivalent in other languages. Thus, It can be hard for foreigners to fully comprehend and memorize them.

That's why we collaborated with Japanese illustrator to explain those words through funny yet easily understandable pictures.

You can also get yourself a t-shirt with one of those illustrations!

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