"New language is more than just a tool, it is a philosophy, a new way of looking at ordinary things ”

We are SE-Japan!

A team of active Japanese language learners, native Japanese speakers and professional educators based in Tokyo, that’s who we are!

Aomi Japanese is our first app designed for those who are already learning Japanese and want to practice speaking skills to sound natural and comprehensible.

Our ultimate goal is to provide Japanese language learners with modern, easy-to-use and beautifully designed tools to improve their process of studying Japanese language .

Our approach

Knowing all the struggles of acquiring new language, we carefully select and produce a unique, easily digestible content, which is truly useful. 

We develop our products primarily focusing on training Japanese speaking skills since communication is at the core of any language learning process. And it is the most necessary skill when communicating in foreign language.

Whether it be a new grammar or vocabulary, we make sure it can be applicable to real lifeand can be used right away in both formal and informal conversation.

We are not here to replace teachers or textbooks. Different situations and different goals of language learning require different methods and these methods are not interchangeable. We believe student should always have a choice from a wide range of learning options. And our goal is to give one more good option - the opportunity to train Japanese speaking skills anywhere, anytime.

Our Team

Tatiana Kolesnikova

Founder, CEO and Content Creator

Specialist in International Japanese Studies and Business Japanese. BJT J2; JLPT N2. Currently also studies at the "Ikenobo" Ikebana School and Ikebana instructor level JUNKAKYO

Alisa Salikova

Co-Founder, Design Lead

Bachelor's degree in Economics from National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow and Master's degree in Media Design from Keio University, Tokyo. Started her career as a UX/UI designer at various Japanese startups and worked at Rakuten, Inc. Japan as a UX Strategist.

Mihoko Harada

Director and Content Creator

Graduated from Meiji Gakuin University with a degree in English Literature. Studied at St.Petersburg State University. Fluent in English and Russian. Currently acquiring "Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language” certificate (course graduation: October 2021).

Petr Tumarkin

Advisor and Educational Material Editor

Ph. D. in Philology, graduated from ISAA Moscow State University, author of textbooks on Japanese language and Russian language for Japanese, numerous scientific articles, professional translator, former lecturer at Tokyo University and other universities in Japan.

Get in Touch

We are looking forward to collaborating with both individual teachers and schools. Please, feel free to contact us if you have a particular collaboration idea in mind or want to brainstorm it together ♥

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